Ess of Sys Anls- Rvw Sol- Ch 08

Ess of Sys Anls- Rvw Sol- Ch 08 - Chapter 8: Review...

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Chapter 8: Review Questions Solutions 1. Describe the prototyping process of designing forms and reports. What deliverables are produced from this process? Are these deliverables the same for all types of system projects? Why or why not? Designing forms and reports is a user-focused activity that typically follows a prototyping approach. First, you must gain an understanding of the intended user and task objectives by collecting initial requirements during requirements determination. After collecting the initial requirements, you structure and refine this information into an initial prototype. Structuring and refining the requirements are completed independent from the users, although you may need to occasionally contact users to clarify some issue overlooked during analysis. Finally, you ask users to review and evaluate the prototype. After reviewing the prototype, users may accept the design or request that changes be made. If changes are needed, you will repeat the construction-evaluate-refinement cycle until the design is accepted. Usually, several iterations of this cycle occur during the design of a single form or report. The major deliverables produced from the process of designing forms and reports are the creation of design specifications. A design specification includes a narrative overview, a sample design, and a testing and usability assessment section. Some specification information may be irrelevant when designing some forms and reports. For example, the design of a simple “Yes/No” selection form may be so straightforward that no usability assessment would be needed. Also, much of the narrative overview may be unneeded, unless it was used to highlight some exception that must be considered during implementation. 2. To which initial questions must the analyst gain answers in order to build an initial prototype of a system output? The initial questions are listed in Table 8 1; these questions include: (1) who will use this form or report; (2) what is the purpose of the form or report; (3) when is the form or report needed and used; (4) where does the form or report need to be delivered and used; and (5) how many people need to use or view the form or report? 3. How should textual information be formatted on a help screen? The guidelines for formatting a help screen are based on the general guidelines for formatting text. The general guidelines for formatting text are presented in Table 8 4; these guidelines govern case, spacing, justification, hyphenation, and abbreviations.
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Ess of Sys Anls- Rvw Sol- Ch 08 - Chapter 8: Review...

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