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Practice Quiz - Practice Quiz for ECOL 373 December 3 2007...

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Practice Quiz for ECOL 373 December 3, 2007 FINAL 1) Social Behavior: behavior that is taken place between members of the same species. Cooperative Behavior: behavior that benefits another individual, not of the same species. Prokaryotes : have cells where the nucleus is non-membrane bound. Examples: bacteria and archaebacteria. Not amoeba and smile molds. Social behavior in Prokaryotes: quorum sensing: bacteria that communicate through chemicals. Can sense how many bacteria are in the surrounding. Can change behavior depending on what bacteria is around. Bacteria live in large communities, usually a microfilm (in wet areas). Interact of the same species. Many will colonize wet surfaces. Cooperative Prokaryotes: plaque is important on teeth because it is the by-product of bacteria. This is a good home for the bacteria, protecting them and giving them a place to stay. Biofilms (microfilm/microbial mat means multiple layers) Microbial mats occur in natural surfaces, beaches, ponds. Microfilm occur on teeth Non-insect Invertebrates : coral would be an example. Social behavior in non-insect invertebrates: live in colonies, polyps, social colonies of polyps. Cooperative non-insect invertebrates: Portuguese man of war, lots of polyps living together in colonies. Looks like one giant jellyfish, polyps helping each other float, attack, share food that they collect. They are very complicated organisms. Christmas Island crabs are not insects but aggregate for mating. Congregate on the same coast on Christmas Island. Deposit egg and sperm in the sea and they find each other. No one has
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Practice Quiz - Practice Quiz for ECOL 373 December 3 2007...

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