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Reading Guide Author: Title: Identify passages/support your answers with evidence/supply page numbers: 1. When was this book written? Why was it written? How do you know? 2. To whom is the book dedicated? Is that really the person for whom the author is writing? Why or why not? 3. What is the stated purpose of this book, and where does the author state it? Can you corroborate this with any additional evidence? 4. On what does the author base his views? 5. What does the author mean by the term “prince?” What other two terms does the author use
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Unformatted text preview: regularly, and what do they mean? 6. Can you identify the qualities of his prince? 7. How might the author be considered a “realist?” 8. What does the author explicitly say he is trying to do in Chapter XV? 9. Pay close attention to what the author says in Chapter XVIII. What are the implications of what he is claiming? 10. Ultimately, what does the author want his prince to achieve?...
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