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Marx, Communist Manifesto Questions Answer the questions; support your answers with evidence; supply page numbers. 1. When was this book written? Who are the authors? 2. Identify/Outline the four parts of this treatise. 3. Explain the purpose of Communist Manifesto when it was published in 1848.What historical, political, intellectual, and social forces shaped or influenced the views expressed in the Communist Manifesto ? 4. What various themes discussed in the class so far are reflected in this text? How did they culminate in this treatise? Identify and discuss at least three themes.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What was Marx’s intention? How do you know (i.e. what corroborative evidence can you give to support your answer)? 6. Define what Marx means by “bourgeoisie” and “proletariat.” 7. Describe Marx’s view of history? Explain why is it important to him? 8. Can you identify instances in the book that refer to what Marx means by “superstructure” and “alienation?” 9. What does Marx mean by communism? What is it intended to achieve?...
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