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Chris Campos Murder Ball Informational movies can be catalysts for learning and inspiring. Murder ball is defiantly one of those movies. It shows people that have been in accidents and turn their misfortune into something great. They become Olympic athletes. The filming of this movie showed the progress of a person from an accident to achieving a personal set goal. To be on the U.S. Rugby team for the paraplegics. The movie begins by displaying the reality of the average day paraplegic. Doing so they hold no punches. One of the people shown has a shaved head and chops for facial hair. He has many tattoos and a strong upper body. Despite his wheel chair, he looks very intimidating. They begin interviewing the players and they express they don’t care for peoples sympathy. “Its great to see you out” a person at a bar said to one of the players. “What do you mean? Do you expect me to be hiding in my closet at home?” They confronted people’s sympathy with anger. One of the players, named Mark Zupan, explained how he would get into fights often. His friends would say that he was an asshole before he got into a car accident, and after. It could also be said that sympathy could treated with a different attitude
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murderball_Chris_Campos - Chris Campos Murder Ball...

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