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The Civilian March

The Civilian March - Chris Campos Informative Essay Final...

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Chris Campos Informative Essay Final draft English 102 2, March, 08 The Civilian March People who dislike their careers often wonder, how different life would be if I joined the Army instead of just being a normal civilian? Military life varies by a vast spectrum of culture differences in comparison to someone working at Starbucks. The military even has its own language and alphabet. Many people see commercials of ceremonies, uniforms and wonder if it is any different than serving coffee? Any person who is individualistic and joins the Army could be headed for a dramatic culture shock. Almost everyone is brought up learning a normal language, alphabet, and numbers system. In the Army, the alphabet changes. “A” becomes “Alpha,” the number twenty-two becomes “two-two.” If an employee were to receive an order to clean the restroom he or she could comply. If that same employee were to be told to clean the latrine, he or she may respond with “I don’t speak French.”
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