UGBA 10 Module 4 lecture 2 - With your business...

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With your business fraternity/sorority, you decide to make chocolate chip cookies, one bag for each of the 96 professors at the Haas School. Should you set up an assembly line? A. No, chocolate chip cookies are made by the batch B. No, just make one huge batch C. Yes, you are making a large enough quantity to set up an assembly line a. Demanding D. Yes, production line is the usual method of making Chocolate chip cookies A “virtual corporation” manages design, marketing and relationships. Relationships with whom? A. Customers and suppliers B. Regulators C. Competitor firms D. Its production workers You decide to outsource your studying. You have the books read and outlined in Indonesia and contract with a grad student in Singapore to write your papers. Setting aside the lack of ethical behavior, what role are you left with? Managing relationship with professors. In this production system, the professor is the customer. This is a virtual corporation.
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UGBA 10 Module 4 lecture 2 - With your business...

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