UGBA 10 Module 4 lecture 3 - What has made "flexible...

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What has made “flexible manufacturing possible”? A. Changes in union rules allowing longer shifts B. The DNC C. CNC machines a. Have all designs stored in digital form, and we must manufacture whatever we want. D. Outsourcing manufacturing to Asia Which of the following can you not easily see on a Gantt chart? A. What we should be working on right now B. Who is best suited to manage each task C. What we should have accomplished by this point D. How many weeks we have until the due date _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 1. Project management a. Gantt chart i. Useful ii. Trick is to begin from the end; work backwards iii. Used when things are simple b. PERT charts i. Developed after WWII, funded by military ii. most things you do can do on PERT chart you can do on Gantt chart, but it is too difficult to do on Gantt chart iii. Building a house 1. thus a task is constrained by something else 2. In PERT language a. rough framing is constrained by A. foundation
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UGBA 10 Module 4 lecture 3 - What has made "flexible...

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