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Faraday's Law (ch. 29) Faraday's law, r E d r l = d dt r B d r A or ε = N d Φ B dt for N = # turns where Φ B = r B d r A is magnetic flux. Right-hand rule gives direction same as Lenz's law: • induced currents tend to oppose changes in B . V this direction even if no induced current flows.
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Unformatted text preview: Motional emf; special case of Faraday emf: d = r v × r B ( ) ⋅ d r l or = vLB (simplest case). Ampere's Law with displacement current, r B ⋅ d r l = μ o i c + o d Φ E dt ∫ = μ o i c + i d ( ) where i d = o d Φ E dt is displacement current....
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