Magn_forces_summary - μ = NI r A points in right hand rule direction N is number of turns some atoms have dipoles(e.g iron atoms(2 Torque τ = NIA

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Magnetic Fields and Forces Magnetic field , r B : unit Tesla (T) [N/(A . m)] Field lines indicate r B direction Lines from N poles, toward S. Force on Wire: r F = Id r l × r B or IlB sin θ wire loops: Force can be into or out of B-field; see below. Force on Charge: r F = q r v × r B Trajectory: always a circle. (cyclotron motion) r = mv qB ; ω = qB m Wire loops: (1) Dipole moment r
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Unformatted text preview: μ = NI r A , points in right hand rule direction. N is number of turns. some atoms have dipoles (e.g. iron atoms) (2) Torque τ = ( NIA ) B sin or μ B sin aligns r μ with r B . vector version: r = r × r B (3) Energy U = − r ⋅ r B Gauss’ Law for Magnetism: r B ∫ ⋅ d r A = means, B field lines are closed loops. No “magnetic charges”....
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