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J. H. Ross, Department of Physics, Texas A&M University Electromagnetic Waves– ch. 32 Maxwell's Equations include: r B d r l o I encl o ε o d Φ E dt , Ampere's law r E d r l = d Φ M dt , Faraday's law sourceless versions: r B d r l o o d Φ E dt ; r E d r l = d Φ M dt Electromagnetic waves: E = E y = E o sin kx −ω t ( ) (plane wave solves B = B z = B o sin kx t ( ) sourceless equations.) All waves (e.g. on a string): k = 2 π λ (wavenumber) ; ω = 2 π f , T = 1/ f ; k = f = c c = velocity (speed of light) Specific to EM waves: c = 1 o μ o general case:
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