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February 19, 2009- Thursday Kicking the Vietnam Syndrome: the USA in the Middle East 1967-2006 - part II But first the news (and some new online course materials): Israel Says It Will Unseal Gaza Only if Soldier Is Freed , NYT Feb. 19, 2009 Two years ago: Imperial sunset? America the all-powerful finds its hands tied by new rivals , Finncial Times , Feb 14, 2007 Bush Declares Iran_s Arms Role in Iraq Is Certain NYT Feb 15, 2007 Iran In Iraq - Talking Points of US Intel Memo of Feb 11, 2007 - analysis by Gareth Porter 2003 Memo Says Iranian Leaders Backed Talks , Washington Post , Feb 14, 2007 War with Iran? (expert opinions) Harper's Magazine posted Feb. 13, 2007 Victory Is Not an Option , by ret Lt Gen William Odom, The Washington Post , Feb 11, 2007 Lebanese Mark Date of Assassination NYT Feb. 14, 2007 Not Just Analysis [about Douglas Feith's Pentagon intelligence operation], by Laura Rozen (Feb 12, 2007) A Prewar Slide Show Cast Iraq in Rosy Hues NYT Feb 15, 2007 A look at the Pentagon: Video 2 of the Power Game cont'd This video was mainly concerned with the politics of weapons development and how the arms industry contractors work with key congressional committees and the Pentagon in an "iron triangle" that commands huge amounts of money. Remember the "home porking" discussed in the video? The iron triangle is opposed by a "dissident triangle" consisting of some members of Congress,
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PowerGame2.5- FEB19.htm - February 19, 2009- Thursday...

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