policy posts - 04:05 Throughout the past months and years,...

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Unformatted text preview: 04:05 Throughout the past months and years, I have pretty much formulated my own opinion and thoughts about the withdraw from Iraq. To some extent my opinions and ideas have changed, due to the continuously changing circumstances. However, I want to address my thoughts (that I have gathered from the media/news/and reading) on the situation of an Immediate withdraw that was/is a popular topic with the change of administration or New President. Many people from the news and in the media formulated both reasons that support and oppose a withdraw or an immediate withdraw. With the knowledge I have on the situation, I was/am against the immediate withdraw of troops from Iraq for a few reasons. Across the board, most would agree that ethical claims restrict to one degree or another the means by which a government may pursue its foreign policy ends. According to an article I read, Steorts says, There may also be cases though this is more controversial in which ethical claims are sufficient in their own right to decide a policy. I believe that this is the case with Iraq. Immediate or soon withdraw of Iraq troops would have been/be a disaster and it would violate a duty America owes to Iraq. Regardless of the justification for entering into war with Iraq, America has the obligation not to just up and leave or more so abandon Iraq. Although there are people dying in Iraq today, I feel that withdrawing (immediately/soon) would only make things worse in Iraq and massive killing of civilians would occur. Although some might not agree, progress has been made, with the govt, elections, etc. After all, America is somewhat to blame for the cause of the violent situation that has ensued in Iraq. With the severity of the violence and still unstable government, if US were to just quit Iraq, it only makes sense that some form of mass murder could follow. Basically we need to be held somewhat responsible for repairing the damage we have done. I think Steorts illustrates this concept best saying that, the operative moral principal here is- when you make a mess, clean it up; when you break something, you fix it; etc. Some defend the violence that is going on and would not agree with my above...
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policy posts - 04:05 Throughout the past months and years,...

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