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Week 2 (Jan 27-29): American Exceptionalism? Thinking About Foreign Policy. * Samuel P. Huntington, "The Clash of Civilizations?" Foreign Affairs 72:3 (Summer 1993), 22-49, and various responses in reprint pack: read everything * Joseph Nye, Jr., " The new Rome meets the new barbarians," The Economist, March 21, 2002. * Nye, Soft Power, pp. 1-32, 127-147 * Brzezinski et al, America and the World, pp. vii-x * Stanley Hoffmann, "The Foreign Policy the US Needs," New York Review of Books, Aug 10, 2006 Other Required Activities: Think about policy-making: what is policy? TUE. Jan 27 th , 2009 Lecture 3: Thinking about the National Interest Watch the 60 minute special – (Sunday 25 th ) à write on discussion board about this!!! *Quite competing perspectives between Israeli and Palestinian communities American Orientalism reading- Misconception that Americans are superior to everyone else The news: In Gaza, the Wait to Rebuild Lingers , NYT Jan. 26, 2009 Maliki Pushes for Election Gains, Despite Fears , NYT Jan. 26, 2009 [note the comment at end about Condi Rice's advice to her tutee] From Hospital, Afghans Rebut U.S. Account , NYT Jan. 26, 2009
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Two years ago 2 Car Bombs Kill Scores at Packed Market in Baghdad , New York Times , Jan 22, 2007 Vision of Rebuilding Lebanon Wanes , New York Times , Jan 22, 2007 Hezbollah Strike Brings Beirut to a Virtual Halt NYT Jan. 23, 2007 Iran Bars Inspectors; Cleric Criticizes President NYT Jan. 23, 2007 New Somali Government Faces Old Problem: Clans and Leader of Somali Islamists Surrenders , New York Times , Jan 22, 2007 U.S. Tries to Interpret China’s Silence Over Test , New York Times , Jan 22, 2007 The foreign policy making process We need to finish the list of foreign policy making players - and note the strength of the Pentagon> State Department's " Really Soft Power ," i.e. not just exec branch plus congress but also public opinion, media, pressure groups, the most relevant being the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (
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lec3-JAN27.html - Week 2(Jan 27-29 American Exceptionalism...

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