lec5-Feb5 - Lecture 5 Eisenhower the Suez War of 1956 and...

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Lecture 5 Eisenhower: the Suez War of 1956 and the Eisenhower Doctrine In Shattered Gaza Town, Roots of Seething Split , NYT Feb. 4, 2009 Gaza War Created Rift Between Israel and Turkey , NYT Feb. 5, 2009 Israel Seizes Ship Bound for Gaza , NYT Feb. 5, 2009 U.S. Faces Loss of Key Asian Base in Kyrgyzstan , NYT Feb. 5, 2009 Iran Launches Satellite in a Challenge for Obama , NYT Feb. 4, 2009 As Iraqis Tally Votes, Former Leader Re-emerges , NYT Feb. 4, 2009 News 2 years ago: Senate Allies of Bush Work to Halt Iraq Vote , NYT Jan 31, 2007 German Court Seeks Arrest of 13 C.I.A. Agents , NYT Jan 31, 2007 Suicide Attack Is First in Israel in 9 Months , NYT Jan 30, 2007 2006 and earlier: Egypt Urges Hamas to End Violence and Recognize Israel (NYT, Feb. 1, 2006) Former U.S. Official in Iraq to Plead Guilty to Corruption (NYT, Feb. 1, 2006) Paul Findley on the Bush Administration's anti-Arab bias (Feb 3, 2004) At Camp David, Advise and Dissent - Bush, Aides Grapple With War Plan (here is a great inside view of Bush Admin policy discussions on Sept 15, 2001) The Palestinian Vision of Peace By YASIR ARAFAT (Feb 3, 2002) Brief conclusion from last time: Consistency of Truman's foreign policy?? Also note The Middle East Journal : Thomas Lippman, "The View From 1947: The CIA and the Partition of Palestine" Volume 61, No. 1, WINTER 2007.
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lec5-Feb5 - Lecture 5 Eisenhower the Suez War of 1956 and...

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