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Presidency Video (Power Game 4) Follow-Up The News: Two years ago: Lincoln D. Chafee (ex RI Senator), The Senate_s Forgotten Iraq Choice NYT op ed, March 1, 2007 In U.S. Overtures to Foes, New Respect for Pragmatism NYT March 1, 2007 Afghan Bombing Sends a Danger Signal to U.S ., NYT Feb 28, 2007 Video 4 of the Power Game So here you will have the central player in foreign policy making. His role as commander in chief greatly expanded with the Cold War and the advent of the "Imperial presidency" depicted in this video. Look at the current administration and how maybe the War Against Terrorism enhanced the stature of George H. Bush - for a time. Has the imperial presidency reached its limits? Or will President Obama develop new sources of ("soft") power? NOTES: (A four hour PBS mini-series developed from Hedrick Smith's best-selling book, The Power Game: How Washington Works, with in-depth looks at the Presidency, The Congress, the Pentagon and the Unelected (staff, lobbyists and media) during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy
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Mar5-PowerGame4.5.htm - Presidency Video (Power Game 4)...

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