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KEY TERMS GOV 312L MIDTERM #1 The Straits of Tiran Narrow sea passage 8 miles wide between the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas Separates the Gulf of Aqaba from the red sea Maintained free for navigation under the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty Access to Jordan’s only seaport of Aqaba Access to Israel’s only seaport of Eilat in the Indian Ocean Egypt blocking the straits to Israeli ships was a catalyst to Six-Day War in 1967 Ariel Sharon 11 th Israeli Prime Minister Formed the Kadima Party, came from Likud party Started out as a military leader after the creation of Israel Was a general in command of most powerful brigade in Six-Day War o *The Qibya raid (by Ariel Sharon, October 1953, killing 66) Unit 101 undertook a series of military raids against Palestinians and neighboring Arab states that helped bolster Israeli morale and fortify its deterrent image. The unit was known for targeting civilians, notably in the widely condemned Qibya massacre in the fall of 1953, in which 69 Palestinian civilians, some of them children, were killed by Sharon's troops in a reprisal attack on their West Bank village. (From Wikipedia, but explains the Qibya Massacre well) Economic Security Council Established under the Clinton administration Referenced under the National Security Council, Eisenhower Administration Basically it was the idea of adding economics to NSC (under Clinton) Secretary of Treasury and White House Economic Council added to NSC Baghdad Pact Central Treaty Organization, or Middle East Treaty Organization 1955 to 1979, between Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and United Kingdom Modeled after NATO, committed each nation to mutual cooperation and non-intervention in each other's affairs Goal was to contain the soviet union During Eisenhower Administration "No region of the world received as much of my close attention as Mid East" Eisenhower doctrine was to defend Middle East against communism, without joining the Baghdad Pact John Foster Dulles Eisenhower's Secretary of State from 1953-1959
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Advocated aggressive stance against communism around the world Opposed Anglo-French invasion of the Suez Canal, Egypt (1956) Cut off financing for Egyptian Gamal Nasser's High Dam at Aswan Nasser retaliated by nationalizing the Suez Canal Eventually all of this lead to the agreement of keeping the Gulf of Aqaba open to sea transportation, after Eisenhower forced Israel and France/Britain away from the Suez Canal Camp David Naval Support Facility Thurmont President's country residence, in Maryland, place to meet w/ foreign leaders Operated by the Navy and guarded by a Marine unit
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