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FINAL Identification ARTICLES


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ARTICLES FINAL EXAM Wayne White, Iran: best to avoid another Gulf crisis, Middle East Institute, Feb. 12, 2007 * Against the US taking military action against Iran's nuclear infrastructure * Says that a strike would be by no means "surgical" * Points out US actions are aimed to intimidate Iran, such as deploying carrier battlegroup to the region * Also points out that situation would further destabalize Iraq because of Shia militias * Denies that attack would turn people of Iran against current regime * Points out the patriotic tendencies of Iranians to want to defend their country Jacqueline W. Shire, "Iran Begins to Enrich Uranium," ABC News, Jan. 10, 2006 * Iran beginning to enrich uranium… * I have no idea why this is even close to relevent, this story is from 2006 * It's about Iran restarting enrichment at Natanz Nuclear Facility * It's really just the same old stuff, International Atomic Energy Agency doing inspections, Iran maintaining it's right to enrich Uranium.
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