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FINAL IDENTIFICATIONS EXAM – GOV 312L (Complete) Agency for International Development : Goals: Furthering American foreign policy abroad Expanding democracy and free markets Improving the lives of others in developing countries Created in 1961 by Foreign Assistance Act. Doesn’t work alone. Relationships w/ 3,500 Amer. Companies and over 300 private organizations.. Focuses on countries trying to escape poverty, recovering from disaster, and engaging in democratic reforms Sub- Saharian Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Eurasia, Middle East Stimulates economic opportunities in ME through trade facilitation to combat joblessness. Ahmed Chalabi: Secular Shiite, Baghdad-born exile whom the Pentagon was grooming as Saddam Hussein’s successor in Iraq Oil minister & deputy prime minister in Iraq 2005-2006 Part of Iraqi National Congress (INC)- opposition group that intended to overthrow Hussein o awarded him support from US for providing ((questionable))intelligence on Iraq o little support within Iraq He convinced US to condemn President Hussein o he reported WMD o he claimed to know of ties with Al Qaeda Buddy-buddy with all the neocons at the Pentagon like Wolfowitz He’s being investigated for fraud w/ other members of INC o convicted of embezzlement in Jordan Al Aqsa Intifada: 2 nd Palestinian uprising Began Sept 2000 in response to Ariel Sharon;s visit to Temple Mount/ Al Aqsa Mosque (same place) in Jerusalem Right after Camp David 2000 peace talks Sharon led a delegation of Likud Party legislators and 100s of Israeli security to alAqsa o Palestinians saw this as provocation (al Aqsa= Islam’s 3 rd holiest site) o Israelis saw his visit as an internal political move against PM/opponent Ehud Barak o violent Palestinian demonstrations Killed 4, wounded 200 Palestinians Far more violent than 1 st intifada o Arab suicide bombings/ Israeli’s F-16s, helicopter gunships, and laser-bombs Mitchell Report = negotiations to end the violence (By Clinton and George Mitchell- former Senator who previously helped broker truce in Northern Ireland) o -peace for land settlement Ali Larijani Iranian philosopher/ politician. Member of Iranian parliament Head national security council 1
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Top negotiator on Iran’s national security issues, such as Iran’s nuclear program Opposed Ahmadinejad American Orientalism Book by Douglas Little Eroticization of Arab world in American culture through: postmodern social theory, photojournalism (Nat Geo), cultural anthropology. o Orient= exotic, backward, dangerous, in desperate need of Western, specifically American, guidance for cultural modernization/ democracy Anwar Sadat 3 rd President of Egypt, from 1970 until his assassination in 1981 Replaced Gamal Nasser as his hand-picked successor Took part in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, he played a crucial role in the planning and execution of the overthrow of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty
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