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Part 1: Hoffman: Notes on the Readings: (my notes in red) Week2: Hoffman- The Foreign Policy The U.S. Needs The rapid collapse of the Soviet Union left the US as the only superpower, or so it seemed. George H.W. Bush talked about a new world order, in which the "real world" of American supremacy and the formal world of the UN Charter would somehow merge. But Bush Senior was soon gone, and Clinton had no large international vision. This may have been a blessing, and relations improved with allies, including France and Germany When George W. Bush came to power, September 11 provided what seemed an unchallengeable opportunity for a drastic change in strategy and in diplomacy. The "war against terrorism" was now seen as a kind of World War II reborn, yet it was without a clear enemy and without allies comparable to Stalin's Soviet Union, or even Churchill's British Empire. A brief era of American triumphalism—or imperialism—led to but did not survive the disaster in Iraq and the fall in American popularity and influence abroad that the war provoked (this “war on terrorism” was more than a reaction to an attack on our homeland, it was a contradiction of the values and belief we claim and enforce on everyone but defile in our land. Hoffman describes our invasion of Iraq as a war without a clear enemy, without allies, and self-inflicted wound we cannot recover from. In addition, Hoffman states that this war has accurately portrayed the U.S. as what it really is- an ignorant and fearful nation. Because of fear we invaded Iraq and essentially violated established international law and procedures (more on this later in the notes) . The US is back to debating what to do next but the setting of this debate is quite different from that of the
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1Govt_noteswk2 - Part 1: Hoffman: Notes on the Readings:...

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