April_7.htm - April 7, 2009: Combatting "Terror"...

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April 7, 2009: Combatting "Terror" ("Overseas Contingency Operations") The News: In Turkey, Obama Says U.S. ‘Never’ at War With Islam , NYT April 6, 2009 Can Pakistan be governed? NYT, April 5, 2009 Time Is Short as U.S. Presses a Reluctant Pakistan , NYT April 6, 2009 In Turkey, Obama Presses for Progress on Mideast Accord , NYT April 7, 2009 Military Budget Reflects a Shift in U.S. Strategy , NYT April 7, 2009 From two years ago: Israel’s Protests Are Said to Stall Gulf Arms Sale NYT, April 5, 2007 Iran to Release 15 Britons Held Since March 23 , NYT April 4, 2007 What We Can Learn From Britain About Iran , op-ed, NYT April 5, 2007 Qaeda Is Seen as Restoring Leadership NYT April 2, 2007 Planned Visit to Syria by Pelosi Is Under Fire From White Hous e, NYT March 31, 2007 Pelosi’s Delegation Presses Syrian Leader on Militants , NYT Apr 5, 2007 Heads of Arab States Prod Israel to Embrace Peace Offer , NYT March 30, 2007 Olmert Rejects Palestinian Right of Return , NYT March 30, 2007
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April_7.htm - April 7, 2009: Combatting "Terror"...

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