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Midterm1 LecNotes LORIN

Midterm1 LecNotes LORIN - CMS 367 to Intro to Rhetorical...

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CMS 367 1-20-09 to 3-12-09 Intro to Rhetorical Theory 1-20-09 Rhetoric - Is a theory of love; feelings of love in a broad sense. Poem (1) : Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” A. Coyness – playing hard to get B. He is asking for her virginity Poem (2) : Gorgias’ “ Encomium of Helen A. Greek Sophist B. Persuasion works as if a kind of spell binding that when you are caught up in a good argument, you are moved a long as if you had a spell put on you, or have been drugged C. People are persuaded and moved by language as they would be by the sight of a beautiful or naked lover D. Persuasion is a kind of seduction I. Comparing Marvell to Gorgias a. Love b. Andrew Marvell! “ To His Coy Mistress c. Gorgias’ “ Encomium of Helen i. Defends her honor d. Rhetoric as magic, spellbinding, and seduction II. Defining Rhetoric a. So what, then, is rhetoric? i. Working definition of Rhetoric : Rhetoric is the study of how signs and symbols influence people to do or think what they otherwise would not ordinarily do or think 1. Signs and symbols – representation/language 2. Influence – the power to cause change b. The Five Issues 1-22-09 III. The Sophists a. Why dead Greek dudes? i. They taught public speaking in 5 th century BC; it was controversial because of the political turmoil in Greece because wealthy elites ran the country. ii. Mercantiles: Rise of merchants/crafts people who traveled across the ocean 1. Middle class kids getting education and learning how to speak and persuade iii. The sophists were regarded as sketchy because they were taking money to teach middle class kids how to persuade iv. The sophists were like rock-stars b. Athens and democracy i. Geography 1. In ancient Greece, there was a loose collection of city states in the Mediterranean region 2. City that sat on a hill a. Easier to defend (had a wall around it) 3. Situated near multiple bodies of water; as consequence of its location, the ship- craft was built and more sophistication initiating the rise of the mercantile class
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4. Ruled by a king: AKA: Thesmos ii. Thesmos and physis 1. Thesmos : Rule of law authoritated by a King 2. Physis : natural law / law of nature 3. However, mercantiles started to question the decree of the king while traveling and it started challenging faith. Doubt is seeded through travel and geography iii. Draco (7 th century) 1. Seeded to power in Athens 2. The people willingly let him lead because he claimed that he would consolidate various tribes 3. The first law giver of the city-state in Athens (first constitution inscribed on wooded tablets in the center of the town) 4. He used the death penalty quite liberally; mean; draconian – referring to severe or harsh penalties iv. Solon (7 th and 6 th century) 1. 1 st reformer in Ancient Greece a. Relaxed penalties for certain crimes; backs off on being so Draconian b. Plants seeds of democracy c. Establishes law as practice (common law; laws emerged as a common practice (tailored to the living style in the city-state)) v. Kleisthenes and demos (6 th century) 1.
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Midterm1 LecNotes LORIN - CMS 367 to Intro to Rhetorical...

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