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Final Index Card- - What is heritability What scientific approaches can be used to determine heritability of a trait Heritability is when anything

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Unformatted text preview: What is heritability? What scientific approaches can be used to determine heritability of a trait? Heritability is when anything is capable of being passed from generation to generation. A trait is heritable because the formation of the brain and specific circuits, even the potential to learn, all require information before learning: genetic information. Any variation in that genetic information is heritable. What examples/pieces of evidence do you know of that show that behaviors can be heritable? Artificial selection, purebred strains, and twin studies. Explain what is meant by “the scientific method.” What is it better than other methods at uncovering the explanations for a particular observation? Includes hypothesis, predictions, data, and tests. Put forward a hypothesis with a prediction difference from that of alternative hypothesis. Collect data. Check results against eh prediction: refute either hypothesis of alternatives. It is very successful and excludes bias. In what ways can the question “Why does animal X show behavior Y?” be answered? Give an example. Which types of questions are called ‘proximate questions’ and which are called ‘ultimate questions’? Proximate (how): physically don’t mate with each other because of body odors. Ultimate (why): incest would increase. Genetic disease would evolve. What are the similarities and differences between selfish, altruistic, mutualistic, and spiteful behavior? They all benefit from the person doing those behaviors, despite whether they are helping other or not. Why is altruism often said to be an ‘evolutionary spiteful behavior?...
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