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DRA001_examreview_W09 - DRA 001 Winter 2009 IDEAS/TERMS FOR...

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DRA 001 Winter 2009 IDEAS/TERMS FOR REVIEW (this list may not be all-inclusive) definitions of performance frame convention, Brecht, defamiliarization, Verfremdungseffekt or “alienation effect”, gestus, Stanislavski, emotion memory, objective, subtext Grotowski, internal versus external models of acting presentational style Anna Deavere Smith’s ideas about acting juxtaposition proscenium arch Realism Romanticism Postmodernism 4 th wall experiences of time (set time, event time, clock time, subjective time) Deadly Theater natural versus stylized movement linear versus non-linear narrative middle class morality language as class and/or character Boal spect-actor, newspaper theater, invisible theater, forum theater acto, political theater, use of props, consciousness raising archetype, stereotype, burden of representation avant-garde, (current, tradition-seeking, forward-looking, intercultural, historical--surrealism, dada, futurism, expressionism—think about the individual elements of the avant-garde)
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  • Winter '08
  • versus theater Abramovic, Theater natural versus, forum theater acto, juxtaposition proscenium arch, character Boal spect-actor

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