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adversarial system opposing goals prosecutor

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Unformatted text preview: s how much person should pay Convincing Must be guilty the jury: "beyond a reasonable doubt" In the end: If guilty, penalty phase-jury decides penalty (jail, death,etc.) Adversarial System Opposing Goals Prosecutor- convince trier of fact/judge of defendant's guilt, motivation, opportunity, evidence Defense- convince trier of fact/judge there is reasonable doubt, not guilty, innocent Expert Witness Non bias, neutral party Has background, knowledge, education, skill, and training On witness stand only witness that can present opinion What Do Forensic Scientists Do? Ask a question Investigate, collect evidence Examine & evaluate evidence What is/isn't valuable Draw a conclusion to the question What happened/who did it Give a deposition Present EXPERT opinions according to the rules of the court Teamwork in Crime Investigation Detectives/Law Enforcement Interview witnesses and suspects Make arrests Collect evidence Crime Scene Analysts Respond to crime scene Evidence collection Reconstruction Forensic Scientists Analyze physical evidence Conduct methods develop research Others Nurses, Doctors, etc Depends on the case Locard's Exchange Principle There is an exchange of material when two objects come in contact with each other Does transfer provide useful information Scenarios If a strangulation is committed in a remote location what material exchanges could occur? . If a strangulation is committed in a home what material exchanges could occur? What if the suspect and victim share the same home? Questions? Homework assignment 1 was posted yesterday (01/13), and will be due by 5pm next Thursday (01/22) I realize that people may measure slightly differently, so just be sure that you keep your method consistent! Please show your work And really exhibit your knowledge and understanding through question 2...
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