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CVEN 305-301 Summer 2009 6/5/09 Quiz #01 Name: __________________________ Problem No. 1 2 10 mm A = (6 points): A rod as shown below has a uniform cross section of area . Determine the average normal stresses at the midsection of AB, BC and CD. Please box your answers. Problem No. 2 (1 point): In problem 1, can the forces shown above cause shearing stress in the rod? Yes No Problem No. 3 (2 points): Please write the two equations for the definition of factor of safety.
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Unformatted text preview: One is in terms of loads and the other one is in terms of stresses. Problem No. 4 (1 point): Which one in the following could be correct for indicating the stresses on a very small cube in a structure component? A B C D 2 kN 3 kN 4 kN 3 kN 0.3 m 0.25 m 0.4 m τ (a) (b) (c) (d)...
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