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Final Index Card - Side 3

Final Index Card - Side 3 - Kin selection if you help kin...

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Kin selection – if you help kin and not other you can promote a higher level towards your family. Human altruism – image scoring does seem to play an important role in people (more altruistic when people are watching) AND humans might also behave in a non adaptive way, used to live in a more adaptative environment so altruism would have evolved. Group size became very large so evolution hasn’t kept up. Out of the following list of people, pick two and say who they were and what they said about human altruism: Darwin, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Kropotkin, (Adam) Smith, Huxley, and Wallace. Darwin was puzzled because bees gave up the hive to care for others. He didn’t understand why they were so altruistic. Hobbes wrote about politics. If there wasn’t a government, he thought everyone would compete the whole time. A strong government is needed. Why do the people of Bali have water temples and rituals? Give a proximate and an ultimate explanation for this. The proximate explanation is the people were raised with the water temple and its essential rituals. It has been a tradition of the people to have the temples. It’s the only system they know. The ultimate explanation would be that the water temples lead to the pest control, equal sharing of water and overall maximization of crop yields. LECTURE REVIEW : Social Behavior: behavior that is taken place between members of the same species. Cooperative Behavior: behavior that benefits another individual, not of the same species.
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