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IEOR 165 Lecture 17 July 1 2009

IEOR 165 Lecture 17 July 1 2009 - Question 3& Question 4...

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Final Review Question 1 & Question 2: Regression Analysis - Estimate a & b (intercept & slope), σ. - Find C.I. If we know sigma, then Z. If not know sigma, then T. Level of Freedom = n-2. Mean Response Y0 - DIFFERENCE b/w Prediction vs. C.I. Prediction Interval will be larger. For CI, we just have 1/n , but for PI, we have 1+1/n (pg 374) Mean response a+bx0 = E[Y0] Response Y0 = a+bx0+e0 - Hypothesis Testing whether independent or not
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Unformatted text preview: Question 3 & Question 4: Quality & Process Control-Control Limit & Sample Size.-Either: Given Alpha0 and Beta0, find UCL & sample size k. (If we compute k = 40.0015, then choose 60.) Given cost of excursion, repair, etc., and find which UCL & sample k that gives min cost. Find cost / batch/ use and minimize it. Also TRADEOFF between alpha and beta Fix k & Vary UCL, then: beta alpha chadericstrill conrasith theanimux...
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