Exp C and E - Name:_Ryan Montgomery Due Date:_6/16/09 Date...

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Name:_ Ryan Montgomery Due Date:_ 6/16/09 Date Received:____________ Organic Chemistry Lab Report Form 1. Name of Experiment: Technique C-C.1: Calibration of Thermometer, C.2: Melting Point of an unknown Solid, and C.3: Mixed Melting Point and Technique Technique E-E.1: Measuring the Refractive Index of an Unknown Liquid 2. Purpose of Experiment: The purposes of this experiment are to learn how to calibrate a thermometer, determine the melting points of unknown solids, and how to measure the refractive index of an unknown liquid 3. Balanced Equation(s) for Main Reaction(s) show catalysts, if applicable: N/A 4. Summary of Experimental Procedure: When calibrating the thermometer we determined the melting points of a group of solids using our thermometer and then compared our melting point ranges to the reported known melting points and calculated the difference, which was then plotted on a graph with the correction factor. We then obtained a sample of unknown solid, loaded it into two capillary tubes and observed each independently reach its melting point in a Melt-Temp Apparatus and recorded the ranges of them melting. The melting point we obtained was then compared
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Exp C and E - Name:_Ryan Montgomery Due Date:_6/16/09 Date...

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