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Index Card - Test 2 Back

Index Card - Test 2 Back - Thermoregulation is more...

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Thermoregulation is more efficient in heating and cooling by clustering. An example would be of a bee hive. Division of labor and specialization is if a group establishes division of labor (consistent allocation of the same tasks to the same individuals), then these individuals can specialize: adapt to a particular function. An example would be of a slime mold stalk and spores. Name three disadvantages of group-living. Increased competition, risk of disease, and higher risk of predation. What are the benefits and costs of group living in cliff swallows? They nest in colonies and associate in groups away from their colonies. The degrees to which group-living in this species affords advantages in the avoiding of predators was shown. The distance from the colony at which a snake predator was detected increased with colony size. Birds in large flocks have more time for preening and mud-gathering. Cliff swallows did not mod predators and were unable to deter predators regardless of group size.
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