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Unformatted text preview: Melting Arctic Ice Cap 2007 What Causes Global Warming? Our Burning of Fuels Like Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas We Get a Warming Atmosphere Atmospheric CO2 More Heat Trapping Atmospheric CO2 The Keeling Curve Scripps Institution of Oceanography 000 Years of CO2, Temperature, and Sea Level 280 2 p. T vel Orbital Variations Tilt Wobble Se ,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 Pres NG CO2 Today 384 280 2 p. T vel Orbital Variations Tilt Wobble Se NG Temp. CO2 ppm CO2 and Temperature Since 1860 ed = +7 Degrees ge = +4 Degrees 1975-2005 Temperature Change 1 2005 2 1998 3 2002 4 2003 5 2007 6 2006 7 2004 8 9 2001 1997 10 1995 Global Top 10 Warm Years 14.0 13.5 Tempera Sea Lev 40 36 32 Snow Co Arctic Ice Cap Has Lost 40% of Its Summer Ice Since 1979 add 2007 arctic ice melt Bolivia's Chacaltaya Glacier as Nearly Disappeared in 11 Year Greenland Holds Ice More Than One Mile High Seas Would Rice 20 Feet If All Greenland Ice Melted 5 Melting in Red orida With Possible 20 Foot Sea Rise Overpeck, SCIENCE, 2006 Changing Wet and Dry Dry Areas Get Drier Wet Areas Get Wetter rown is Drier Green is Wetter Snow Melts Earlier in Spring Growing Seasons Are Getting Longer What Does the Future Hold? The Future More People More Money More Growth US Energy Use 2000-2030 Petro Coal Natur Quadrillion BTU DOE EIA 2006 Nucle Renew Hydro 80+ Percent of Our Energy Coal Use Million Metric Tons 2025 2005 What Can We Do? Rise above 1990 sea level (global average) et Sea Level Rises as CO2 Rises Worst Case CO2 at 1000 ppm Best Case CO2 at 450 ppm ...
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