Ethics Memo - To: Professor Scott From: Greg Sullivan RE:...

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To: Professor Scott From: Greg Sullivan RE: Ethics Memo Date: February 4 th , 2008 Situation In my senior year of high school I was faced with the most difficult ethical dilemma of my life. My best friend of seven years, Arnie, had dug himself into a deep whole with an addiction to the illegal drug Oxycontin. I had been around Arnie while he was using for quite a while before I thought it was time for someone to step up and do something. Now that I look back I whish I had said something even earlier because to this day, Arnie still struggles with an addiction to this horrible drug. In April of senior year I made the decision to talk to Arnie’s mother about his drug problem. She knew something was up but wasn’t sure what. The day I sat down with her and told her the troubles her son was facing was one of the hardest days of my life. I was stuck in quite an ethical dilemma, I knew talking to his mother was the right thing to do, but also I didn’t want to prematurely ruin the great friendship Arnie and I shared. Stakeholders In this situation there were many stakeholders, the main stakeholders being Arnie, and myself. There were also a number of other friends that were minor stakeholders. Arnie was the main stakeholder because the attention was on him. He was the one with the drug problem and ultimately his problem encouraged me to talk to his mom about what was going on. Arnie was also the most affected stakeholder because
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Ethics Memo - To: Professor Scott From: Greg Sullivan RE:...

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