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Is Abnormal Pysch Inevieitable - have very different...

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Greg Sullivan Abnormal Psychology 9/3/2008 After taking the time to truly think about if abnormal behavior is inevitable I have come to the conclusion that I believe abnormal behavior is not inevitable. Which ever way you decide to look at it, behavior is different with everyone. I have similar behaviors as my friends and family because of the experiences we may have shared together, but ultimately my behavior belongs to me. I decide whether or not I want to engage in certain activities, whatever they may be. My friends and family may influence my choices but ultimately my decisions are made by me. If someone decides to pierce themselves or get a tattoo, another person might think that person looks abnormal, but the owner of the body, probably thinks the other person looks abnormal without such body art. Culture also depicts and provides a range of different behaviors. Various cultures
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Unformatted text preview: have very different behaviors. Some cultures and its followers believe in things which to others may seem totally out of the ordinary, sometimes even unacceptable. For example in some African cultures people pierce and gauge certain areas of their body. To those people, there is nothing abnormal about what they are doing to themselves, in fact it would be abnormal if they weren’t piercing and gauging themselves. But to those who follow western culture such as us in the United States such piercing would not be excepted but cultural norms. Because of differing views and ideas of people all over the world and the fact that culture helps provide behavior, leads to my conclusion that abnormal behavior will forever be inevitable....
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