Assignment 1 - Read the following articles, downloadable...

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Read the following articles, downloadable from eCollege/doc sharing or the links provided. You may also find the need to do additional research on your own via the web or sources in the St. Michael’s library. eCollege/doc sharing: “Ewe Music.pdf” – by Alfred and Kobla Ladzekpo (available on the eCollege webliography page, as well)
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With the additional information from your own optional research and class discussion, answer the following questions: 1. Print out a map of Africa and indicate the following: a. Circle the country of Ghana b. Within Ghana, shade in or circle the area the Ewe are from. Be as specific as you can with your shading. 2. Describe the Ewe of Ghana – where in Ghana do they live? Do the Ewe presently live in any other countries besides Ghana? 3. Have the Ewe always lived in their present location? 4. How do they survive economically? (in otherwords, what do men and women do in order to survive, earn money, eat?) 5. List at least 3 social situations/events in which music is always a part of in Ghana, and describe why music is so important in that role. 6. What is meant by “Ewe Dance-Drumming”? 7. List 3 Ewe rhythms (specific names of musical pieces) that are described within the sources given or that you found for yourself. Describe the purpose/social use of each of the rhythms you list. [This is NOT asking for “Cross rhythms” – 2 against 3, etc. –
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Assignment 1 - Read the following articles, downloadable...

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