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Assignment 2 - before and it really is a lot of fun 2 While...

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Greg Sullivan November 4 2008 West African Music Assignment 2 1. Overall, I am fairly confident with my playing of all the instruments. I would have to say my weakness lies with the Kagan, for some reason my right hand always wants to do a double hit. I think if I can learn to control that then I will be fine, but the Kagan definitely troubles me most. I did notice from the video that when I was playing the Sogo my arms weren’t totally extended, and it looked as if they were resting on my lap a bit. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on that today in class. The bell has definitely been the easiest instrument thus far. The bell is the easiest because it’s sound so loud and distinct and it is easy for me to distinguish the bells sound from the sounds of the other drums. I really believe I have made some real good progress this semester. I believe that having a background with bit of music helped out a lot, but this is stuff I’ve never played
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Unformatted text preview: before and it really is a lot of fun. 2. While I was writing the first paragraph I was listening to Phish cover, Sneaking Sally Through the Alley , by Robert Palmer and I noticed that throughout the whole song the drum beat is the funky back beat sound that we here from the Sogo in the Gahu piece. I would have to say that the beat the Sogo plays is probably the beat that I am most familiar. I like to listen to jam bands and in a number of bands I listen to many of them incorporate funk orientated beats. The second song I found that incorporated a beat from class is called, Shall we Dance, by the Thievery Corporation. Thievery corp. is two guys who mix all different beats together and in this particular song there is a distinct timeline with a bell that sounds just like the Abekgor piece. It’s pretty cool because it’s very similar to the timeline and it sounds like it’s played by the same bell that we use in class....
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