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The form fits onto a single page, and has the following format: Title , which should be concise yet clearly identify the experiment Background/Hypothesis. This section should outline the relevant research background of the study, and how the hypothesis tested in the experiment is derived. A slightly extended Abstract format is probably sufficient. Although a certain level of background knowledge can be assumed, the key aspect is to avoid technical and scientific jargon that would render the information difficult to understand to a non-expert. Remember that a good portion of our participants are open-unit students who may not
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Unformatted text preview: have the necessary methodological background to understand specific statistical terms, etc. • Design and Dependent Variables – does the study use questionnaires, or is it in experimental format? If the latter, are response latencies, or accuracies (or both) the dependent measures? Are variables varied between- or within- participants? • Intended Analysis – how will the data be analysed? (ANOVA, regression, etc.) • Useful Readings – list a few key references in the research area that would allow a student to begin a further inquiry into the area if they wish to do so. 1...
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