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Exam 2 Take home Component - Greg Sullivan Exam 2 Take-home...

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Greg Sullivan Exam 2 Take-home Component PS 250 Social Psychology Prof. Whitney Dec. 2 nd 2008 Chapter 8 3. The terms emotional loneliness and social loneliness definitely differ from one and other. Loneliness itself is defined as “Psychological discomfort we feel when our social relations are inadequate.” (Taylor et al. 2005, p. 233) Emotional loneliness is not as easily detected, because the discomfort is occurring in the individual, where as social loneliness is easily noticed in various social situations. Emotional loneliness is caused due to lack of and attachment figure. (Taylor et al. 2005, p. 235) One may experience emotional loneliness when for example a very close person in ones life dies, or decides to leave them. Once one person commits to an interpersonal relationship with another person, the have formed an attachment with each other. If that relationship ends, both people will experience emotional loneliness for a period of time. The difficult change of becoming a college student carries with it the ability to experience emotional loneliness. For example, Jill is an only child who lives with just her mother. For years Jill and her mother did everyday activities together and they spent most of the days with each other. When it is time for Jill to leave for school in September she beings to show signs of depression, and emotional loneliness. This emotional loneliness Jill experiences is because of the absence of her mother. Because Jill and her mother had such a strong interpersonal relationship it is easy to say that for some time both Jill and her mother will experience emotional loneliness while they are apart from one and other. Social loneliness is quite different than emotional loneliness and is defined as, “loneliness due to lack of friends and associates.” (Taylor et al. 2005, p. 235) It is very possible that one may experience social loneliness but not emotional loneliness. For example if a family moves to a new town and the siblings are very close with one and other yet they want to make more friends in their new neighborhood, the siblings may be experiencing social loneliness. They have the emotional interactions with their other siblings yet they lack the social interactions with new people, which humans strive for during their lives. Social loneliness is very common in any life changing event such as the move to college. When Mark moved into his room freshman year and didn’t exactly hit it off with his roommate he slowly started to experience social loneliness. His roommate always had his own friends in the room and Mark was constantly ostracized from the group and it was obvious that he had no other friends to even consider hanging out with. The lack of social interactions caused mark to experience social loneliness for most of his first year of school. 6.
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Exam 2 Take home Component - Greg Sullivan Exam 2 Take-home...

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