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Greg Sullivan Movie Analysis Dec. 9 th 2008 Throughout the movie “Rat Race” I encountered numerous social psychological concepts that we have discussed over the course of the semester. Many of the concepts selected are acts that we as social animals use everyday of our lives, sometimes without even recognizing. It was very interesting to see in such a ridiculous scenario such as “Rat Race” how each concept of social psychology was still able to be incorporated. The first concept that I recognized and applied was the That’s-Not-All Technique. That’s-Not-All Technique is a technique used where a deal is made and then it is improved. (Taylor et al. 2005) In one of the beginning scenes, Mr. Donald Sinclair the hotel owner gathers six teams of people and invites them to join in a race for 2 million dollars. He first tells his guests that they are all offered a chance to win 2 million dollars. After the excitement from the guests calms, he then up’s his ante, and tells them that the money is located 500 miles away in Silver City, New Mexico, and that only the first team to get there will win the 2 million. If Mr. Sinclair hadn’t used the That’s-Not-All Technique, his guests may not have been so interested or motivated to beat the other teams and get the money. But, because the That’s-Not-All Technique was used by Mr. Sinclair there was an all out war to get to that 2 million first. My favorite character involved in the ridiculous race, was Owen Templeton (Cuba Gooding Jr.). Owen played as an NFL referee who was known for making the biggest bonehead call in sports. Because he was public figure and most people throughout
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Rat Race Movie Analysis - Greg Sullivan Movie Analysis Dec...

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