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reactance paper - Will Passidomo 10/7/08 Reactance Theory...

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Will Passidomo Social Psycology 10/7/08 Professor whitney Reactance Theory and Impact on Colligate Alcohol Consumption The psychological reactance theory states that a perceived threat to a freedom will raise the significance of maintaining that freedom as well as provoke an emotional reaction. The real life application of this theory is the increase in appeal it has on prohibited behaviors. An incident of reactance refers to an increased desire or participation in a freedom in reaction to an increased threat on that freedom. The reactance theory consists of four main elements determining the level of reaction; perceived freedom, threat to freedom, reactance, and restoration of freedom. An incident of reactance is exemplified in a scenario when a parent makes a kid’s bed nine o’clock and the child wants nothing more than to stay up later because his favorite show is on at ten. Reactance is also present when a highschooler gets his first girlfriend and all the sudden he starts to notice other girls he previously never thought of to be more attractive. In the first example, the child does not understand why he has to go to bed early and be denied the freedom of watching his favorite show while his parents stay up late having fun. In this situation the case of reactance is very strong. The child will probably break his parent’s rules and stay up late anyway because there is not enough justification for the prohibition and the freedom that is threatened is important to the person. In the second example, the boyfriend feels satisfied enough with having a girlfriend and justifies his prohibition of monogamy. His freedom of flirting with other girls is being threatened, but
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it is probably not extremely important if he had rarely previously acted on that freedom. Although a freedom may be illicit at all times, reactance is highest when those prohibited
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reactance paper - Will Passidomo 10/7/08 Reactance Theory...

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