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FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (4 cr.) BU 113 Fall Semester 2008 Teaching Team: Roger Putzel Office: JEM 369B 654-2458 Section A Office Hours: T 1:15-3:15 PM Email [email protected] Joanne Scott Office: JEM 146 654-2241 Section B Office Hours: M 1-2:00 W 1-2:30 PM E-mail [email protected] Home: 453-4715 John Ambrose Office: JEM 169A 654-2608 Section C Office Hours: MW 4:40-5:30 PM Email: [email protected] Christine Bauer-Ramazani Office: SE 127 654-2642 Section D Office Hours: MWF 1-2:00 or by appointment Email [email protected] Required Text: th edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall Other Recommended Resources: Companion Website to Business Essentials:,12493,3682353--t,00.html Benson, P. (2007) Study Guide: Ebert/Griffin Business Essentials (6 th edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Course Objectives: Foundations of Business Administration (BU 113) concentrates on the management, finance and marketing functions of organizations. The specific course objectives include: 1) An introduction to business concepts through lectures, readings, assignments, group work and class discussions; 2) Exposure to classical and contemporary thinking in business; 3) The opportunity to develop and improve skills in three areas: business writing, business presentations and working in groups. In addition, students will improve their time management skills. Course Structure:
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This will be a team-taught course. Class will meet in large or medium group sessions for lecture material and periodically will meet in smaller groups for discussions, activities and presentations. There will be both team and individual assignments. Students are responsible for both reading and lecture material. Location of classes:_____________________________________________________________ _______ Large groups Cheray 101 Medium groups Cheray 101 or JEM 378 Small groups: Putzel Cheray 101 Scott JEM 281 Ambrose JEM 375 Bauer-Ramazani JEM 378 Assignments: Individual Work 1) Résumé and cover letter. Each student must prepare a résumé showing his/her personal experience and qualifications for a selected job position, as well as an accompanying cover letter. 2) Team evaluation. Each student will prepare an interim and a final team evaluation. In the interim evaluation, each team member will receive constructive feedback on his/her performance so corrective action can be taken to improve the individual and team performance. The final evaluation will be a 2-3 page memo evaluating the functioning of his/her team as a whole, as well as individual evaluations of each team member using the performance evaluation form provided. Failure to follow through on the interim evaluation instructions will adversely affect the grade on the final team evaluation. 3)
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