Study Guide Exam 1 Spring 2009 Scott

Study Guide Exam 1 Spring 2009 Scott - unlimited financial...

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Study Guide BU 113 Exam #1 Spring 2009 Chapters: 2,3,5,6,11, Appendix II Class sessions: Group Dynamics, Introduction to Marketing, Introduction to Management, Business Communications, Types of Business Ownership, Business Ethics and Legal Considerations, Structure of Organizations Topic Guide: Group Dynamics: 4 Stages of Group Dynamics Intro to Marketing: Target markets, market segmentation, Marketing Mix (the 4 P’s of marketing), the 4 C’s of marketing, types of products, definition of a product, environmental considerations for a company, branding, advertising, definition of Value (Professor Trujillo), viral marketing Intro to Management: Definition of management, levels of management, management functions, mission statements, goals, skills of managers, leadership Types of Organizations: Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation,
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Unformatted text preview: unlimited financial liability, limited financial liability, advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorships/partnerships, advantages/disadvantages of corporations, double taxation, roles of stockholders, boards and the CEO, special forms of changes in corporate ownership Business Ethics: Definition of business ethics, code of ethics, social responsibility, social audit, stakeholders, whistle-blower, ethical dilemma Structure of Organizations: Organizational charts, decentralized vs. centralized, span of control, authority, line authority, responsibility, chain of command, line management vs. staff, types of departmentalization, delegation, tall vs. flat organizations, matrix organizations, scalar and unity of command principles, formal vs. informal organizations...
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Study Guide Exam 1 Spring 2009 Scott - unlimited financial...

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