Team Evaluation and Performance Apprasails

Team Evaluation and Performance Apprasails - To: Professor...

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To: Professor Scott From: Greg Sullivan RE: Team Evaluation and Performance Appraisal Date: March 30, 2009 Introduction Our company “Respects” formed in January of 2009 with a goal to sell affordable yet styles sunglasses to the greater Burlington Area. Our team consists of four managers who are keeping the company running smoothly. Matt Stillman and Will Kosch are the general manager’s of our company with Heather Strasell as our marketing manager and Greg Sullivan as our finance manager. Together the four are on their way to the final sales of our affordable “Respects”. Organization From the very beginning our group has worked very well together and for the most part has been organized. We were quick to come up with the idea to sell sunglasses which put us on a nice jump start to the whole process. Our personal responsibilities to the group have been very organized and structured, mainly because of the separation of power we each have. The general manager’s deal with problems from, speaking with the owner of the company who we ordered the glasses from, to dealing with customers who’ve broken or complained about the product they have received. Heather our marketing manager worked very hard on the marketplace activity to help promote our product with fliers and she also put together the format of our website design. Finally, as the finance manager, I have been keeping track of all of our sales and I handle all the money we received from the marketplace activity along with keeping track of the financial state of the group. The separation of jobs and power that we each own, definitely keeps us very organized and hardworking, and it has ultimately led to the success of our group and product. Human relation skills
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Team Evaluation and Performance Apprasails - To: Professor...

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