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Team Evaluation Assignment - member including yourself(The...

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Team Evaluation Assignment On Monday, March 30 your team evaluation assignment is due. This is an individual, graded assignment, so please be frank in your assessment of performance. You need to write a memo addressing the performance of the team as a whole (see instructions for team evaluation in document sharing), and then attached the completed performance appraisal forms (including doing the math). You need one appraisal form for each team member, including yourself. You don't need team members to sign them. Provide individual comments as appropriate. Additional copies of the performance appraisal form can be found in document sharing (there are 2 sides to the form). Each of you will write a memo discussing the performance of your team. Attached to this memo will be the completed performance appraisal forms, one for each team
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Unformatted text preview: member, including yourself. (The forms were handed out or on e-college.) You do not need to review these forms with your team members or get them signed. You do need to do the math on the forms. Please be frank and fair in your evaluation of the team as a whole and of each team member, providing constructive feedback as appropriate. These memos and forms will be for my eyes only. The body of the memo which evaluates the team as a whole should address the following major areas: Organization Human relations skills Problem solving skills Conceptual skills Initiative/motivation Ability to perform/achieve Technical skills Presentation skills Be sure to provide good, concrete support for your evaluation comments....
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