Sleep - Sleep is one of those funny things about being a...

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S leep is one of those funny things about being a human being -- you just have to do it. Have you ever wondered why? Characteristics of Sleep We all know how sleep looks -- when we see someone sleeping, we recognize the following characteristics: If possible, the person will lie down to go to sleep. The person's eyes are closed. The person doesn't hear anything unless it is a loud noise. The person breathes in a slow, rhythmic pattern. The person's muscles are completely relaxed. If sitting up, the person may fall out of his or her chair as sleep deepens. During sleep, the person occasionally rolls over or rearranges his or her body. This happens approximately once or twice an hour. This may be the body's way of making sure that no part of the body or skin has its circulation cut off for too long a period of time. In addition to these outward signs, the heart slows down and the brain. For any animal living in the wild, it just doesn't seem very smart to design in a mandatory eight-hour period of near-total unconsciousness every day. Yet that is exactly what evolution has done. So there must be a pretty good reason for it! Practice good "sleep hygiene". Get yourself ready for sleep by relaxing a few hours before bedtime -- take a warm bath, drink some warm milk or herbal tea (decaf only). You should also sniff lavendar. Drinking a glass of warm milk (with a teaspoon of honey if you'd like) before bed is a traditional solution for falling asleep. Just be sure to brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste before bed-- the sugar in milk and honey can cause tooth decay, especially if your mouth dries out at night. Try a two-week regimen to get your body into the habit. Make notes if you discover patterns of sleep or going to bed that work. For some people, sleep can be highly ritualistic. ..cultivate the rituals that produce your best sleep experiences. (If you don't like the taste of plain warm milk, try it by making hot chocolate with warm milk instead of water)
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Sleep - Sleep is one of those funny things about being a...

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