Ch 16 - Chapter 16 The Endocrine System 1 A major...

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Chapter 16 – The Endocrine System 1. A major difference between neurotransmitters and hormones is that hormones are secreted ____________. a. directly onto their target cell b. into the cerebrospinal fluid c. into ducts d. into the blood 2. A major determinant of a hormone’s mechanism of action is __________. a. whether the hormonal molecule is hydrophobic or hydrophilic b. large or small c. rapid-acting or slow-acting d. activates gene activity 3. Receptors for steroid hormones are commonly located _________. a. inside the target cell b. in the plasma membrane of the target cell c. in the blood plasma d. in the extracellular fluid 4. Interaction with a membrane-bound receptor will transduce the hormonal message via __________. a. depolarization b. direct gene activation c. a second messenger d. endocytosis 5. Treatment of a hormone’s target cell with a phosphodiesterase inhibitor will result in ________. a. immediate cessation of cell activity b. prolonged activity of cell activity c. inability of the hormone to bind to its receptor d. irreversible binding of hormone to its receptor 6. Second messenger-activating hormones circulate in minute quantities because a. they are not important signal molecules. b. small amounts of hormone can activate huge amounts of intracellular signals (amplification). c.
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Ch 16 - Chapter 16 The Endocrine System 1 A major...

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