Study Questions for Chapter 19

Study Questions for Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 The...

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Chapter 19 The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels 1. Of the following vessel types, which are those responsible for exchange of gases and  nutrients with tissues? a. arteries b. arterioles c. capillaries d. veins 2. Of the following vessel types, which are those that conduct blood toward the heart,  regardless of oxygen content? a. arteries b. arterioles c. capillaries d. veins 3. Of the following blood vessel components, which is the most critical in regulating  systemic blood pressure? a. tunica intima b. tunica media c. tunica externa d. venous valves 4. Of the following cardiovascular components, which contains the majority of the body’s  blood volume at any one time? a. pulmonary capillaries b. heart c. systemic veins and venules d. systemic capillaries 5. Some of the least permeable capillaries are found in the ________, while some of the  most permeable capillaries are found in the _________. a. kidney… brain b. intestine… muscles c. bone marrow… brain d. brain… bone marrow 6. Predict the change in peripheral resistance as blood vessel diameter increases. a. peripheral resistance decreases b. peripheral resistance increases c. peripheral resistance remains unchanged d. peripheral resistance is constant in humans 7. Why has pulse pressure disappeared by the time blood reaches capillary beds? a. the elastic arteries are too stretchy b. capillaries are too stiff to accommodate the pulse pressure c. because diastole lasts longer than systole d. because the muscular arterioles do not exhibit elastic rebound
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8. What affect would long periods of skeletal muscle inactivity have on blood flow? a.
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Study Questions for Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 The...

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