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Study Questions for Ch. 17: Blood 1. Name and describe the functions of blood. 2. Name the 2 components that whole blood can be separated into. 3. Define formed elements . Describe the constituents and indicate their relative abundance. 4. What is the hematocrit ? What does it tell us? 5. Describe the composition of plasma. What is the major plasma protein? What is its function? 6. What is the function of an erythrocyte? 7. Define the following terms: hematopoiesis, erythropoiesis, hemoglobin, heme. 8. How is the structure of an erythrocyte different from that of most cells? What is the functional significance of these differences? 9. Describe the process of erythropoiesis. Where does it take place? How is it regulated? 10. Describe the life cycle of a red blood cell. How long is it? 11. Define anemia . State the 3 basic underlying causes of anemia. 12. Distinguish between the following types of anemia:\ Hemorrhagic Hemolytic Aplastic Iron deficiency Pernicious Sickle cell Thalassemia 13. What is “blood doping”? How is it similar to use of EPO? How would an athlete expect to
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