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Study Questions for Ch 18: The Heart 1. Name the three layers of the heart wall. What is the function of each layer? 2. Name the components of the pericardial sac. What is the contribution of each to cardiac function? 3. Name the two circuits that are connected to the heart. 4. Describe the association of the 4 chambers of the heart with the circuits named above. 5. Name the principal valves of the heart. What is the function of each? 6. What role do the chordae tendinae and papillary muscles play in normal valve function? 7. What are the source and significance of the heart sounds? 8. The blood supply to the muscles of the heart is provided by the __________________ circulation. 9. Name the structure that permits blood flow between the right and left atrium during fetal development. Why is this good during fetal development, but bad after birth? 10. To get from the right side of the heart to left side of the heart, blood must pass through what structure/organ? 11. Name the components of the intrinsic conduction system of the heart.
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