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Ch 19 Study Questions

Ch 19 Study Questions - Study Questions for Ch 19 Blood...

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Study Questions for Ch 19: Blood Vessels and Circulation 1. Name the three layers that make up blood vessel walls. 2. Compare the wall of an artery to the wall of a vein. 3. Define an artery. Define a vein. Name the type of vessels that connect the arterial and venous sides of the circulatory system. 4. For the systemic circuit, name each type of vessel that blood passes through from leaving the heart to its return. 5. Name and distinguish both structurally and functionally between the 3 major types of capillaries. 6. What vessels are the site of the two-way exchange of substances between blood and tissues? 7. What are the primary forces that cause fluid to move a) out of a capillary and into interstitial fluid at its arterial end and b) into a capillary from interstitial fluid at its venous end? 8. What two factors help move blood back to the heart from the extremities? 9. What part of the circulatory system contains the largest volume of blood at rest? 10.
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