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Ch 25 Study Questions

Ch 25 Study Questions - Study Questions for Chapter 25 The...

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Study Questions for Chapter 25: The Urinary System 1. Name the organs of the urinary system. Give the primary function of each. 2. Name the internal anatomical regions of the kidney. 3. Trace the blood supply through the kidney. 4. Be able to identify the parts of a nephron. Trace the path of filtrate from its formation to its excretion as urine. 5. Name the three steps in urine formation. What part of the nephron is each step associated with? 6. Identify the blood vessels associated with the nephron. 7. What does JGA stand for? Where is it located? What is its function? 8. What is are the macula densa cells? What is their function? Where are they located? 9. What is the filtration membrane? 10. Describe glomerular filtration. 11. What is net filtration pressure? How is it determined? 12. What does GFR stand for? Numerically, what is a normal GFR? 13. Name & briefly describe the 3 intrinsic controls of glomerular filtration. 14. Name & briefly describe the main extrinsic mechanisms controlling glomerular filtration.
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